Hi. I'm João Fernandes

I am a Software Engineer who likes working as a Full-Stack Developer.

Why don't you shoot me an e-mail?

I'm a freelance web developer based in Porto, Portugal, contracting via Toptal since January 2020. From 2017 until the end of 2019 I worked for XING in Barcelona, Spain. Before working for XING, I did some volunteer work for MovingWorlds, where I did some improvements to their website on a volunteer basis while living in Colombia. Before that, I was a developer at Seedrs, which I joined after graduating from univeristy.

Before graduating, I enjoyed the opportunity of working as a Teaching Assistant in my University, and of studying for 5 months in the beautiful city of Rome under the Erasmus programme.

In my daily work I use mostly Ruby on Rails, but occasionally find myself poking around services written in Scala or Perl, or touching frontend written in Marionette or React.js.

I'm an avid traveler. I wish to visit every continent in the world, and to explore Asia in-depth. You can find some of my travel photos at photos.joaofernandes.me.

Feel free to contact me through the usual suspects.